Sined Mobile 801 Mobile Industrial Evaporative Cooler On Wheels 57 Liters With 3 Speeds

Sined Mobile 801 Mobile Industrial Evaporative Cooler On Wheels 57 Liters With 3 Speeds


Mobility and Convenience: With its built-in wheels, the 801 cooler can be easily moved from room to room or even taken outside. This feature eliminates the need to install expensive and heavy air conditioners or depend on fixed fans, offering flexibility in use. Natural Cooling: Based on the principle of natural breeze blowing on the skin, the cooler provides cooling comfort without the use of freon or other refrigerant gases. This ensures not only efficient but also eco-friendly cooling. Purification Technology: The cooler does more than just cool the air. Thanks to its filter panels, it purifies the air by ridding it of impurities before releasing it into the room, ensuring that the air is not only fresher, but also cleaner. Versatility of Use: The design and functionality of the 801 cooler make it ideal for a wide range of environments, from the office to the workshop to the patio at home. Its ability to effectively cool small and medium-sized spaces makes it an ideal solution for a variety of needs. Advanced Control and Functionality: Equipped with a remote control, the 801 cooler offers total control over the device without physical effort. Options such as oscillation mode, timer, and ionizer function ensure that users can customize their cooling experience as they wish.

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Product Description

The New 801 Evaporative Cooler: Convenience and Power On Wheels

As temperatures begin to rise and the summer sun becomes more intense, the need for immediate relief becomes more urgent. That’s where the 801 Evaporative Cooler comes in, the perfect solution for fighting the heat.
The 801 Evaporative Cooler is not just a device for fighting summer heat – it’s an investment in your comfort and well-being. Easy to use, powerful in its performance, and practical in its design-it is truly the ideal choice for your cooling needs.

Practicality on Wheels
Fitted with wheels for easy movement, this device is the epitome of convenience. You can easily transport it from room to room or even outside, ensuring that coolness follows you wherever you go. You no longer need to install heavy air conditioners or depend on stationary fans.

Natural Power
Imagine walking along a beach and feeling a cool breeze blow over your sweaty skin. It’s refreshing, isn’t it? That’s the principle behind the evaporative cooler. But instead of waiting for nature to offer you that relief, the 801 cooler brings it directly to you.

Air is drawn in from outside and, through a process of evaporation, water subtracts heat, giving you a decrease in room temperature of up to 5-12 degrees. And not only that, before it is released into the room, the water is filtered through special panels, ensuring air that is not only cooler, but also cleaner.

Perfect for Every Environment
Whether you have an office, workshop or simply want to enjoy your patio or balcony, the 801 cooler is the ideal option. It is designed to efficiently cool small and medium-sized spaces while providing air purification.

Additional Features
And if you think that’s all, you’re wrong. This machine also comes with a remote control to provide effortless control. Want to vary the direction of the airflow? Activate the oscillation mode. Need to set a timer or take advantage of the ionizer function for even healthier air? These options are also at your fingertips.

Technical features:
– Air flow rate max. (m³/h) 8000
– Type of fan Axial
– Power (W) 380
– Speed 3
– Cooled area 70 m²
– Water tank 57 Lt
– Water consumption 8-10 Lt per hour
– Remote control included
– Pump protection
– Overload protection
– Manual water drain
– Hygrometer
– Ionizer
– Net weight (Kg) 31
– Noise level (dBA) 57 max
– Weight in operation (Kg) 88
– Air expulsion dimensions (mm) 625×640
– Buffer dimensions (mm) (685 30)x640x30(685 30)x200x50
– Cooler dimensions (mm) 800x480x1380

Always unplug from outlet before any cleaning or maintenance operation.
1) Cleaning the body: use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Do not use detergents containing gas or alcohol.
2) Cleaning the cooling pad: take out the pad and remove dust from the surface using a soft brush.
3) Cleaning the water tank: Set the time and frequency of automatic tank cleaning according to manual. To manually clean the tank, remove the drain cap.

a) For the efficiency of the cooler, it is recommended to clean the pad every 2 weeks.
b) To keep the air fresh, it is recommended to drain the water every day and clean the tank.
c) If not in use for a long time, unplug the unit from the outlet, drain all the water and cover the unit so that it is not damaged by dust or insects.


Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 48 × 80 × 138 cm



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