Sined Mobile 802 57liter Mobile Industrial Evaporative Cooler On Wheels With 3 Speeds

Sined Mobile 802 57liter Mobile Industrial Evaporative Cooler On Wheels With 3 Speeds


Very high efficiency industrial evaporative cooler with air flow rate of 8000 cubic metres/hour, does not use refrigerant gas because it works with water and does not require a pipe Water-cooled air conditioner for large rooms from 50-70 square meters, Polypropylene body also suitable for outdoor use Mobile cooling system on wheels with large 57-litre tank, water consumption 9-11 litres/hour depending on the set speed, manual and automatic water charging Water cooler with remote control and 3-speed motor, panel with LED display indicating the set functions Water cooler with bluetooth speakers and ionizing function and automatic left/right and manual high/low fin oscillation

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Product Description

Practical and powerful evaporative cooler that can be conveniently transported on wheels. Ideal for cooling hot summer days, the best effect is achieved when the unit is used in a well-ventilated, dry place, where the unit draws in 100% fresh air from outside.

When the wind blows over a sweaty body, a pleasant feeling of coolness is perceived, as water evaporates heat. Based on this principle, an evaporative cooler injects water molecules into the air, which evaporate on contact with the air and subtract heat by reducing the room temperature by up to 5-12 degrees. Before being atomised by the fan, the water in the device’s reservoir passes through filter panels and is thus cleaned.

The evaporative cooler Mobile Cooler 802 is able to provide fresh air in the room without the use of refrigerant gases. It also has a Bluetooth speaker.

It is ideal for cooling small and medium-sized workplaces or small outdoor areas. It cools and purifies the air and can also be used outdoors. It is ready to use and is easily transportable thanks to the convenient supplied wheels.

Once switched on, the Bluetooth speakers will go into standby mode. To connect your devices (mobile phone, laptop, PDA etc.) go to the LCD panel and press the Bluetooth button, select and pair your device.
Once connected you can use the Bluetooth speaker to play music. To turn it off press the Bluetooth button again.

The speaker does not support the hands-free function of the phone.
Due to 2.4G radio interference, if the speaker does not match or does not play music well, please turn off the cooler and turn it on again.

Supplied with remote control, oscillation mode, timer and ioniser

Technical specifications:
– Max. air flow (m³/h) 8000
– Fan type Axial
– Power (W) 380
– Speed 3
– Cooling area 70 m²
– Water tank 57 Lt
– Water consumption 8-10 Lt per hour
– Remote control included
– Pump protection
– Overload protection
– Manual water discharge
– Hygrometer
– Ioniser
– Bluetooth speaker
– Net weight (kg) 31
– Noise level (dBA) 57 max
– Operating weight (Kg) 88
– Air exhaust dimensions (mm) 625×640
– Pad dimensions (mm) (685+30)x640x30(685+30)x200x50
– Cooler dimensions (mm) 800x480x1380

Always remove the plug from the outlet before cleaning or servicing.
1) Cleaning the body: use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Do not use detergents containing gas or alcohol.
2) Cleaning the cooling pad: Remove the pad and remove dust from the surface using a soft brush.
3) Cleaning the water tank: Set the time and frequency for automatic tank cleaning according to the manual. To clean the tank manually, remove the drain plug.

a) For the efficiency of the cooler it is recommended to clean the pad every 2 weeks.
b) To keep the air fresh, we recommend draining the water every day and cleaning the tank.
c) If not used for a long time, disconnect the plug from the socket, drain all the water and cover the appliance so that it is not damaged by dust or insects.

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 80 × 48 × 138 cm



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